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Halflap Henhouse Portable Chicken Coop and Run with Chickens

Information About Raising Chickens!

The Inventor of the Halflap Henhouse

Hi, I’m Steve Rose, the inventor of the Halflap Henhouse. Thank you for stopping by!

In solidarity with the local food movement, there is a rapidly growing interest in raising small quantities of chickens. Some of the reasons driving this interest are animal welfare and health concerns regarding how commercial poultry are treated, housed, and what they are fed. Additionally, there is a growing demand for organically raised, antibiotic-free chickens and for a steady supply of premium fresh eggs for their healthy nutritional qualities. More and more people also want to become connected to the food they eat.

For people of all ages, raising chickens for their pet-friendly-qualities is a pleasurable and fulfilling outdoor activity. By raising your own chickens you will be able to embrace within your own loving care a special, healthy, and personally enriching connection to farm life for you and your family.

To help enable this to happen, I have created an enduring hen house that is truly easy to handle and clean. The modern, attractive, high quality Halflap Henhouse portable chicken coop works exceptionally well and will provide a happy home for your chickens and generate many years of delightful fun and lasting memories!

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