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How to Make Your Own Chicken Waterer!

How to Make a Waterer for Your Hens

Instead of buying a waterer, try out this waterer.
It is easy to make and works great!

How To Make a Chicken Waterer for your Halflap Henhouse Portable Chicken Coop

Print Out:  Chicken Waterer Instructions


  • There is zero cost.
  • The waterer is very easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Big advantage: The jug enclosure helps to keep poultry droppings out of the water!
  • The chicken waterer is durable. The jugs are commonly made of tough HDPE plastic.
  • More than one waterer can be easily made, which will help to insure plenty of water is available.
  • More waterers will also allow for the swapping out of waterers with clean, refilled replacement water containers.
  • If water in the container becomes frozen, the waterer can be swapped out and allowed to thaw out in a warmer place and later cleaned, refilled and used again another day.


  • Find a plastic one gallon milk jug.
  • Remove the jug label:
    • Hot water may be helpful to remove the label.
    • Paint thinner may be helpful to remove the label adhesive.
  • Cut out a 3" X 4" paper rectangular cutting template, as shown above.
  • Trim off the 4 template corners to form rounded corners having about a 3/4" radius.
  • Make double sided tape and attach it to the back of the template.
  • Position the template horizontally 4" above the jug bottom.
  • Once positioned, tape the template to the jug.
  • Trace a CUT LINE along the template edge with a marker.
  • Remove the template.
  • Using scissors start cutting the opening at the CENTER of the rectangle.
    Then cut spirally outward toward cutting along the CUT LINE.
  • Place a small rock (or other heavy object) in the waterer to keep poultry
    from tipping over or moving around the waterer. A smooth rock will be easier to clean.
  • Fill the waterer with water to a level about 1 inch below the opening to avoid spilling.

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